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Chameleon WordPress Theme

Chameleons are known for their ability to change the color of their skin. The patterns and color combinations you find in chameleons are almost endless, and our new theme is no different! Chameleon was created to be a simple and professional theme with loads of customization options that do not require web development experience to utilize.

Chameleon WordPress Theme


version 3.6 ( updated 09-13-2013 )
- Fixed main menu issues in IE7
* header.php
* js/et_flexslider.js
* style.css
- Updated description for some options
* epanel/options_chameleon.php
- Fixed Tabs shortcode layout issues with the slide effect
* epanel/shortcodes/css/shortcodes.css
* epanel/shortcodes/shortcodes.php
- Bumped version number
* style.css

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