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Divi WordPress Theme

With Divi, everything is built using the builder. Each piece of your website is a building block that can be customized and arranged in any number of ways. This method leads to complete control, and truly unique and dynamic pages. Where you have been confined to a single layout structure with our previous themes, Divi breaks down the design into individual elements with unlimited possibilities.

Divi WordPress Theme


version 1.9.1 ( updated 04-21-2014 )
- Fixed Page Builder issues in IE9 and IE10
* et-pagebuilder/js/admin.js
- Bumped version number
* style.css
version 1.7 updated 03-06-2014 )
- Fixed the issue with Blog and Portfolio modules pagination on static frontpage
- Fixed the issue with video background in a section, overlaying any content within the section
* functions.php
- Fixed mega menu styling at 960 breakpoint
- Adjusted slider arrow positioning at small sizes
- Improved readability of slider text
- Fixed slider padding issue at mobile breakpoint
- Consolidated header styles
- Adjusted newsletter styling for added consistency
- Changed Blurb & Toggle headings for improved hierarchy
- Adjusted WooCommerce headings for added consistency
- Adjusted portfolio headings for added consistency
- Styled the search widget
- Bumped version number
* style.css
Download PSDhttp://go.eyobs.net/2C

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