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TheStyle WordPress Theme

Now you can share your content with style. Featuring a crisp, modern design, TheStyle will give your blog that unique visual impact you have been looking for. With its unique jQuery-enhanced fluid width design, your posts always get displayed in a way that is best suited for your visitor's resolution.

TheStyle WordPress Theme


version 3.9 ( updated 09-13-2013 )
- Fixed issues with dropdown menu bullets
* images/dropdown-bullet.png
* images/brown/dropdown-bullet.png
* images/gray/dropdown-bullet.png
* images/red/dropdown-bullet.png
* images/turquoise/dropdown-bullet.png
* style-Brown.css
* style-Gray.css
* style-Red.css
* style-Turquoise.css
* style.css
- Fixed Tabs shortcode layout issues with the slide effect
* epanel/shortcodes/css/shortcodes.css
* epanel/shortcodes/shortcodes.php
- Bumped version number
* style.css

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